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MMI for universal

MMI mobile device testing machine is mainly used for the testing coverage of mobile phone / tablet PC / e-book and other related automatic testing including camera, audio, display, Hall induction, proximity induction, RFID reading/writing ,etc.

Functional features:

◆ Robot arms puts the product on the tray and then the machine starts the test automatically.The robot arm takes device away after the test is done

◆ applicable for automation both inline and offline with high-level automation technology and integrated testing enable to improve test efficiency and save manpower

◆ The machine with compatibility and support different device testing by changing fixturewith cycletime less than 30 minutes

◆ 3 axis module, rotary mechanism, cylinder, CCD ,etc. to realize test function

◆ The equipment cabinet is open at four sides which is convenient for maintenance

Key parameters:

◆ Dimensions: L800 X W800 X H1650(mm)

◆ Control system: Motion control system

◆ Air pressure: 0.4~0.8 MPA

◆ Weight: 500 KG/Unit

◆ Power input: 220V AC

◆ Power: 1000W


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