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Panel Tester

It is used to test the electrical SMD crystal oscillator.The multi-station working at the same time help promote test efficiency in which it can be compatible with product size: 3225-7050 to enable it very convenient to switch different products.

Functional features:

The equipment is compatible with variety of different sizes of products and easy to change product types for one operator meanwhile


◆ CCD carries out image analysis to help correct direction of the product PAD and product direction by rotating mechanism

◆ The collecting disk is automatically counting and once it's full , it will promptly show the signal to operator to take it away

ystem is composed of motion control + test system and the standard instrument adopts GPIB communication mode

◆ Dividing disc is designed to enable multi-station simultaneous operating and improve efficiency

◆ Easier operation, more convenient maintenance and higher stability with lower failure rate

Key parameters:

◆ Control system: Motion control card

◆ Power input: AC220V

◆ Weight: 285kg

◆ Power: 450W


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