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BST/X1149.6 Tester

Server MLB BSI test fixture

Application Field:

The server motherboard test fixture connects the boundary scan test fixture with the MLB, and the upper software performs boundary scan test on the motherboard based on the boundary scan test fixture. Combining boundary scan test and functional test into one machine, it is convenient to carry out boundary scan test and functional test on the motherboard at the same time, thus speeding up the test speed and reducing the number of machines


BSI test, including X1149 and program.
Easy to implement solutions that adapt to factory product line processes
Flexible and cost-effective boundary scan optimal testing scheme
More than 95% of the stitching level of ultra-high test coverage, strict control of product quality
Improve the FPY of back-end FBT test, greatly reduce the cost of ICT/FCT jig in the factory
The equivalent test covers the shortest test time, 1-4 minutes to complete all the BSI test process

Based on boundary scan technology support board a variety of I/O slot test (DIMM PCIE/SAS/SATA/USB/RJ45)
Mainly covering the test range CPU<->DIMM, CPU<->CPU, DIMM<->DIMM, CPU<->PCIE slot, PCH<->PCIE/USB/SATA slot
Support 1CPU, 2CPU, 4CPU multi-architecture server motherboard test
It is compatible with IEEE1149.1/1149.6 I/O test function
Cover QPI/UPI line connectivity tests
Open and short circuit test covering GND signal
Detection of covering voltage signal
Quick fault location and reporting at pin level
Program on - line
Complete test coverage report statistics

Dimensions :900(W)x650(L)x420(H)mm
Input air pressure: 0.4-0.7mpa
Appearance color: black

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