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RF tester includes aluminum shielding box + RF fixture .The internal structure with modular design makes it more convenient for production maintenance with compatiblity with 95% of product testing and development requirements as well as capability of application to Robot automation production.

Functional features:

◆ Modular fixture unit design, fixture sliding table mechanism can be shared with different products by replace the needle ceiling

◆ Isolation of shielding box parameter: 2.4G>75dB 5.8G>65dB 6G>60dB

◆ Sliding table with high precision linear slide with repeatability offset of ±0.03mm

◆ Using reliable supplier of actuators: SMC AirTAC etc.

◆ Shielding box can be used into robot automation line

◆ use of slider in jig slider with high precision linear sliding rail

Key parameters:

◆ Dimensions: L 425 X W 420 X H 372(mm)

◆ Air pressure: 0.4~0.8 MPA

◆ Control system: Single chip
◆ Weight: 25 KG/Unit
◆ Power input: DC 24V


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